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Is it possible to cure Lyme disease?
Is it possible to cure Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis, and if so, how can this be done? Tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease and borreliosis
Vitamin-B12-bannerVital Vitamins
Why vitamin B12 is vital?
Vitamin B12 is an essential water-soluble vitamin. Its second name is cobalamin because it contains the trace element cobalt. Although cobalt is only found
ozone-gas-therapyOzone therapy
Ozone Gas That Gives Life
“O” Three – Means Ozone Is A Gas That Gives Us Life From where did it all begin? I am Yuri Nikolenko and I am a Physician, a Pathologist, and
MOLECFER – Molecular Iron
Molecfer – An innovative Iron Supplement in Nano Size It’s part of numerous cellular structures and participates in the activity of enzymatic
Intestine diseases treatment-nikolenko-clinicDetoxification
Intestine Diseases Treatment
Treatment of diseases of the large intestine The large intestine is very sensitive to stress as well as taking the following matters: All the above can
Liver Cirrhosis Prevention and Treatment
Who shouldn’t drink alcohol? Or can cirrhosis be prevented in a week? Why does a person develop alcoholism that can be further turned into hepatitis
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Treatment of viral encephalitis
Treatment of viral encephalitis after a tick bite (meningoencephalitis) Unlike the causative agent of Lyme disease – bacterium borrelia, tick-borne
Chronic Sinusitis cure-Nikolenko-ClinicInfections Therapies
Treating Chronic Sinusitis & Its Complications
Can Maxillary Sinusitis (chronic purulent sinusitis) & Its Complications Be Cured? Haymorrhitis most often occurs after a cold and in most cases can
Gouty Polyarthritis Treatment
Fly over 12,500 kilometres to Cyprus to throw away your crutches? Whatch video. An Australian patient Renee, 47 years old, suffering from gouty polyarthritis
Infections Therapies
Post-COVID Recovery
Rehabilitation of patients who have had a coronavirus infection Anyone who has had a moderate to severe “coronavirus infection”
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