Yuri NikolenkoVirus Treatment
Taking Patients Through The Ozone Layer
Taking Patients Through The Ozone Layer With international renown, and patients, one Nicosia doctor offers contentious treatment to sufferers of Lyme disease
Herpes Zoster Curing Nikolenko Clinic CyprusHerpes Zoster Curing
Herpes Zoster Curing in Nikolenko Clinic
Curing of Herpes Zoster in Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus Mr. Christoforos Paradisiotis came to Medinstitute – Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus with severe
activated-oxygen-801-270-ozo-news-cyprusVirus Treatment
Why We Need Ozone Therapy?
What is Ozone Therapy and why do we need it? Ozone can have benefits for a variety of conditions. There are 5 main benefits: Ozone can help improve or
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome-ozo-newsChronic Fatigue
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Clinical Facts and Findings. Part 1 Unfortunately, this is not the case. It’s just that the viral process changed its form
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