Herpes Zoster Curing in Nikolenko Clinic

Herpes Zoster Curing Nikolenko Clinic Cyprus Infections Therapies

Curing of Herpes Zoster in Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus

Mr. Christoforos Paradisiotis came to Medinstitute – Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus with severe skin lesions due to the Herpes Zoster virus. Before coming to Cyprus, he was treated with antibiotics and other conventional types of medicine, but he only got worse.

Medinstitute – Nikolenko Clinic was established by Dr. Yuri Nikolenko in Cyprus in 1988. The primary goal of Nikolenko Clinic is the Inactivation of viruses and elimination of the causes. All virus treatments are based on decades of experience and designed to cause no side effects even when treating seemingly impossible cases. Thetreatments are clinically proven and always corresponding with the related blood and immunology tests results.

From the first ozone therapies, the disease began to recede and after a few weeks all signs of the disease disappeared, and a blood test showed the absence of Herpes Zoster. Mr. Paradisiotis recommended Nikolenko Clinic to many patients whose health conditions were similar to his case since then.

All patients received therapies that eliminated not only the symptoms but the causes of their diseases.

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