Is it possible to cure Lyme disease?

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Is it possible to cure Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis, and if so, how can this be done?

Tick-borne encephalitis, Lyme disease and borreliosis are diseases caused by viruses or microbes that get under the skin together with the enzymes of the tick when it enters the human body.

Medinstitute – Nikolenko Clinic has been successfully treating such diseases for more than 35 years. Our treatment helps to eliminate not only the symptoms described below, but also the “causing roots” of the disease, which can be detected by blood tests.

When treating Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis, we don’t use strong antibiotics, which can cause side effects in most cases.

We use protocols that have been developed over the years with a combination of functional therapies:

  • Hyper-Medozone Therapy
  • Ozone therapy
  • Colon hydrotherapy

and other functional medicine therapies, such as natural immunotherapy with a high content of active elements that help the immune system to produce more immune cells and antibodies.

The symptoms in all “bitten” people are very similar everywhere: in the UK, Australia, the USA, Sweden, Russia and Kazakhstan. Everywhere the pathogen is a spirochete called Borrelia.

The disease also has “look-alike” microorganisms that belong to the same group of spirochetes and have almost identical symptoms: Bartonella and Babesia.

This is unbelievable, but a fact – in Australia, for example, Lyme disease isn’t officially recognised, although it has epidemic proportions. One can speculate as to why this is so. Probably the lack of recognition of the extent of Lyme disease has to do with the insurance business, but that’s another story…

For a decade, before the coronavirus pandemic and air travel restrictions, patients from Australia were our main patients. We have statistics of amazing cases of patients arriving in wheelchairs and leaving without any assistance, leaving the wheelchairs to us.

And isn’t that clear evidence of successful treatment?

It often happens that due to the weakening of the immune system, a virus enters the human body that we can assume is already present somewhere, without symptoms, and doctors simply don’t notice it. Since pharmaceutical companies cannot yet offer effective antiviral therapy, treating Lyme disease with antibiotics has only a temporary effect.

The symptoms depend on the degree of damage to the body and affect almost all organs and systems.

First and foremost are usually symptoms of the central and peripheral nervous system: pain in the head, spine, along the nerves – in the limbs, abdominal and back muscles.

Severe weakness, depression, lack of concentration, dizziness, indigestion and the like are characteristic.

The disease worsens from year to year, leading to disability and premature death.

The classic treatment is to take antibiotics, which only gives the patient temporary relief (no one remembers the virus because there is no treatment for it yet). Taking antibiotics is most effective in the earliest stages of infection, when unfortunately, there are almost no symptoms and the infection is only detected by a blood test.

In Nikolenko Clinic we use a relatively new and, as experience shows, effective method.

A combination of strong doses of intravenous ozone and irradiation with an intravenous laser.

The result is better than expected:

  • Significant improvement of the condition
  • Less pain (in some areas no pain at all)
  • Increased strength in the extremities
  • Increased strength in the back muscles (checked with a dynamometer)
  • up to 50% increase in strength in my extremities and back without additional training
  • Complete absence of borrelia in blood tests.

This was a good result even though the treatment only lasted about a month.

In the future, you should rehabilitate the affected body parts. You can do this as in the Nikolenko clinic under my supervision or at home by following my recommendations and continuing to follow my protocol for taking natural medicines and diet.

Since the pathogen is destroyed by ozone and the intravenous laser, the body’s recovery period must begin after the main treatment. This period can be quite long and depends on the degree of infestation of the organism at the time of the start of treatment, the amount and activity of the accompanying pathogens, which may be present not only in the bloodstream but also in the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract, the number of immune cells, the deficiency of vitamins and microelements, the ability of the organism to restore its functions and, of course, the discipline of the patient to follow our protocols and nutritional therapy.

A very important role in the rehabilitation of the organism affected by these diseases is the achievement of a high level of oxygen in the blood (not lower than 95-96 per cent).

For this purpose, as a powerful antioxidant supplement to ozone therapy, we offer special alkaline drinking water produced by the Enagic company from Japan.

In any case, increasing the oxygen concentration and alkalising the internal environment of the body by itself makes the development of viruses, bacteria and pathogens impossible, i.e. if you neglect this, you deprive your innate immune system of a very important help.

Incidentally, it can’t get this help anywhere else, because this approach, although common around the world, is hardly supported by modern medicine, and conventional medicines are designed for other tasks.

In addition, our protocols include the use of molecular iron, which significantly affects haemoglobin levels, ferritin and the body’s ability to assimilate oxygen.

In addition, therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy, natural immune diet therapy and a special diet and sleep programme are used.

The key to success is to fulfil all our accompanying prescriptions for ozone therapy, namely the regular intake of vitamins and trace elements, which are crucial for the maintenance of human life:

  • Intake of B vitamins and multivitamins
  • Polysaccharides and high concentrations of alpha-beta glucans (download brochure)
  • Micronutrients and amino acids
  • Natural-based antiparasitic supplements
  • Gastrointestinal products (enzymes, probiotics)

Almost all patients have a disorder of the intestinal nervous system due to which constipation and cramps occur. We also recommend medicines that help to cleanse the intestines. Colon hydrotherapy, which we perform with our German equipment, is one of the methods you can use to help the body cleanse the colon quickly and effectively.

All treatment plans are selected strictly on an individual basis. Therefore, the patient must go to the toilet at least once a day.

Before using medications and enemas, it’s necessary to use exercises that increase intestinal motility.

Patients who have Lyme disease should be aware that the recovery period can take up to three years or longer. We can help with recommendations to shorten this time and make it more effective!

Be healthy!

Always yours,

Dr. Yuri Nikolenko, MD, Ph.D

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