Liver Cirrhosis Prevention and Treatment


Who shouldn’t drink alcohol? Or can cirrhosis be prevented in a week?

Why does a person develop alcoholism that can be further turned into hepatitis, and then cirrhosis?

The main reasons are:

  • the lifestyle includes too many alcoholic drinks
  • and a complete or partial lack of alcohol dehydrogenase, an enzyme produced in the pancreas.

Plus, circumstances, stress, weakness of the nervous system…

There is a man in Japan who easily drinks half a liter of whiskey in front of police witnesses. The cops immediately arrest him and give him a breathalyzer test, and… they find nothing.

This Japanese man has 1000 times more alcohol dehydrogenase than the average person. Indians, Chukchi, and some other ethnic groups, on the contrary, do not have alcohol dehydrogenase, i.e. they do not have this enzyme.

The situation of the man from Japan is rather an exception.

In most people, the number of enzymes that break down alcohol is at the normal level, which means that alcohol destroys the body and especially the liver.

The disease progression goes through the following stages under the influence of large amounts of alcohol:

  • fatty hepatosis
  • liver fibrosis
  • liver cirrhosis
  • liver cancer
There is a logical question: are there any ways to effectively treat the liver at the above stages of disease development?

The liver is treated by conventional medicine and there are different methods, but we will tell you about our treatment protocol. The protocol literally significantly improved the values of bilirubin and other liver enzymes in just seven days.

Our treatment results are supported by clinical test protocols. Please see below and here is one of our cases:

So, patient P., 54 years old, was admitted to Nikolenko Clinic with the diagnosis of alcoholic hepatitis.

At the same time, the patient had complaints of fever and weight loss.

On admission to Nikolenko Clinic, the patient was tested with bilirubin and it was 7.4, which corresponds and confirms cirrhosis.

The patient underwent 10 sessions of intravenous ozone therapy (ozone IV).

In order to monitor the condition, the patient underwent biochemical blood tests. Good results appeared almost immediately and the patient began to feel better.

Within one week the results came back to absolute norms and the patient’s health as well as his general well-being improved considerably.

Below please find the values of bilirubin and other liver enzymes.

First test result report:

The test was done on April 18 on admission to the Nikolenko Clinic.

Bilirubin 7.4 (normal 0.2 – 1.2)

Second test result report:

April 25 (7 days later) Bilirubin 1.2 (normal 0.2 – 1.2)

We are not aware of any other existing liver treatment that could treat and recover its function to normal in such a short period of time (just seven days!) while remaining a safe therapy and namely causing no side effects, that is not toxic.

We can help the patient to interrupt drinking and to remove the alcohol from the blood quite quickly just in a little over an hour.

After that, it is advisable to have friends or relatives help refrain from drinking alcohol again.

We are referring to people who are not alcoholics and who lead a normal life and are socially active, and not those who are already addicted to alcohol in large doses. Psychiatrists and psychologists are preferable to work with the latter.

Nikolenko Clinic, unfortunately, cannot solve all the problems that precede a “breakdown” but it can lead you out of the state of alcohol poisoning.


We use ozone infusions. Ozone breaks down alcohol, turning it into a safe compound – water!
Ozone therapy helps to quickly and effectively cleanse the blood, and the liver, and thus protects the patient from developing severe conditions such as a heart attack or stroke.

Ozone also cleanses the pancreas and helps prevent necrosis of the pancreas.

Ozone therapy is safe and can be used if it is necessary to cleanse the patient’s body after a big volume of alcohol which may have provoked deterioration of the liver, pancreas, or other organs.

If the person has been on a binge for a long time (more than a week), a week of detoxification is likely needed.

A week of therapies is also provided by intensive rehabilitation, which includes:

  • Ozone therapy (ozone infusions)
  • Hyper Medozon therapy (Ten-Pass, Multi-pass)
  • Hydrocolonotherapy
  • Natural ingidients rich in polysaccharides (alpha, beta-glucans), vitamins, microelements
  • Alkaline water with negative oxidation-reduction potential (Kangen water, Japan).

We can improve immunity also with the help of intravenous infusions of vitamins and minerals.

When the intensive rehabilitation period is over, we recommend keeping to take AHCC with vitamin C (Japan).

After that our patient will be ready to live a normal life and be healthy.

In general, we recommend people with low alcohol dehydrogenase to abstain from alcohol, because this can be related to the situation of taking sugar by spoonfuls with diabetes.

Next time, we will tell you about other causes of alcoholism and liver disease that we became aware of during the clinical practice.

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Wish you be healthy!

Yuri Nikolenko, MD, Ph.D

Yuri Nikolenko
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