Molecfer – An innovative Iron Supplement in Nano Size

Iron is the most abundant universal biological trace element that ensures the normal functioning of cells in all biological systems of the body.

It’s part of numerous cellular structures and participates in the activity of enzymatic systems (cytochromes, catalase), in the binding, transport, and deposition of oxygen by hemoglobin and myoglobin, in the metabolic processes of the body, in the synthesis of DNA and stem cells, in body growth, in the processes of tissue respiration (especially mitochondrial respiration), which is a necessary condition for the existence of every cell in all phases of its development.

Molecfer is a Super Active Molecular Iron

  • Helps against tiredness, headache, and dizziness.
  • The best solution in the treatment of a viral or bacterial infection
  • Helps reduce hissing sounds or pounding in the ears
  • Must’ve a choice when it comes to antibiotics or toxic treatment
A molecular iron food supplement. Is an additional source of iron in the prolonged action of the body, which allows the prevention of the causes of many diseases.

When do we need Molecfer?

At least when there are any of the following conditions:

  • Anemia (treatment and prevention) is caused by various reasons
  • Decreased iron absorption due to chronic diarrhea
  • Incomplete and unbalanced diet

The most important functions of Molecfer:

  • Improvement of hemoglobin and oxygen saturation of blood and antibacterial effect
  • Stimulation of mesenchymal stem cell proliferation
  • Maintenance of blood homeostasis self-regulation
  • Control of genetic memory of biosystems in cell replication.

Why Molecfer is not the same as the other iron supplements?

  • Each tablet contains 8 billion nano-sized iron molecules, making Molecfer a unique molecular iron supplement available on the market

Should Molecfer only be taken by sick people only?

  • Of course not. There are many people who already feel weak and tired at the beginning of the day. Such conditions are often caused by too little oxygen in the body. Molecfer helps to increase the oxygen level and to feel better

Do I have to take Molecfer if my meals are well balanced?

  • Poor iron absorption from food is a particular cause that people struggle with most. This can occur when taking medications, chronic bowel disease, inflammation, or genetic disorders. Problems with absorption also range from severe cancers to helminth infections and the presence of Helicobacter pylori bacteria, which absorb iron

How important is it to consume enough iron?

Enzymes containing iron are involved in the synthesis of thyroid hormones and ensure a high immune defense in the body. Normal iron levels in the body contribute to the full functioning of cellular, humoral and local immunity.
Normal iron levels in the body are necessary for full phagocytosis, high activity of natural clearing agents, and bactericidal ability of serum (activation of the body’s immune system), as well as the synthesis of properdin, complement, lysozyme, interferon, and IgA in sufficient amounts. Iron is involved in the formation of Pg-like receptors (dopamine receptors) in brain cells. The absence or deficiency of dopamine receptors interferes with the normal function and development of dopaminergic neurons.
The distribution of iron in brain tissue reflects the localization of the terminals of neurons that synthesize γ-aminobutyric acid. Low iron levels interfere with the degradation processes of γ-aminobutyric acid and the function of dopamine-synthesizing neurons.

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