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Nobel prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg

obel laureate Dr. Otto Warburg has dedicated his entire life to studying the causes of cancer. Dr. Warburg was one of the leading biologists of the 20th century. He discovered that the root cause of cancer is altered acidity in the body. This means that the level of the “acidic” environment, in particular, the pH level of the body is below the normal 7.365.

Based on the results of the studies, Warburg concluded that at a lower pH (at the level of 6.0), the formation of lactic acid is observed and the concentration of CO2 – carbon dioxide increases, which entails the activation and growth of cancer cells. Warburg was convinced that there was a direct relationship between the retention of oxygen molecules needed to maintain healthy cells and the pH level. The higher the body’s pH (which is alkaline), the higher the concentration of oxygen molecules will be and vice versa.

In 1931, Dr. Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for this important discovery. He made an important statement: “Cancer tissues are acidic, while healthy tissues are alkaline. Water decomposes into H + and OH- ions, while an excess of H + indicates an acidic reaction, an excess of OH-, in turn, corresponds to an alkaline reaction. Research in the field of tumor metabolism allowed Warburg to put forward the following version: “All forms of cancer are accompanied by two symptoms: acidosis and hypoxia (lack of oxygen). It is these two accompanying factors that are two sides of the same coin, that is, where one factor is observed, the second will be determined there.

All healthy cells need oxygen enrichment, and only cancer cells can grow without it – this is a rule that has no exceptions. It is enough to reduce the supply of oxygen to healthy cells by only 35% within 48 hours, and they may well become cancerous. ” Dr. Warburg made it clear that the root cause of cancer is the lack of oxygen, which creates an acidic environment in the body. Also, Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (unable to breathe oxygen) and cannot survive with the high concentration of oxygen molecules, which is observed with a dominant alkaline reaction.

Based on this conclusion, the Japanese company Enagic has developed a unique device capable of producing highly alkaline water without leaving home. The Japanese called this water Kangen – “return to the origins.” The device is capable of making 7 different types of ionized water, including highly alkaline with a pH value of up to 10.5 or even up to 11.5. To have a healthy environment and eliminate the formation of cancer cells, simply drink this water and the whole family will be protected. You can read more about Kangen water and its “production” right in the kitchen here.

Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine Dr. Harld Zur Hausen

Harald Zur Hausen, Nobel Prize Winner in Physiology or Medicine, on the viral nature of cancer, the benefits of vaccination, and marital fidelity.

I had no noble motives, I acted out of curiosity, ”admits a man who found a way to prevent a disease that claims more than two hundred thousand lives a year. Professor Harald zur Hausen is famous for proving the viral nature of certain types of cancer. In the mid-1970s, he discovered that absolutely all women with cervical cancer had manifestations of the human papillomavirus (HPV). It took more than thirty years to confirm the connection between the virus, which was considered harmless, and cellular mutations leading to the development of cancer. And also to determine which types of papilloma cause cancer, and which ones – the maximum cause warts and age spots on the skin.

The results of these studies brought the professor the Nobel Prize in 2008. Later it turned out that HPV provokes not only cancer of the cervix, but also cancer of the throat and vocal cords. According to Harold zur Hausen, papilloma is associated with ten different types of cancer. If we are talking about a virus, then it can be dealt with by vaccination. And now, almost ten years after the publication of the discovery, the corresponding vaccine came into industrial production.

The professor spoke in an interview with Focus about what this should mean for us and future generations, as well as what diseases should be considered the main enemies of mankind and whether modern science has a chance to defeat them.

Humanity has been fighting cancer for decades. Who is winning this war?

  • Judge for yourself: world statistics – 13-14 million new cases per year. I am now talking about all types of oncology known to us combined. In countries with developed medicine, where there is the possibility of early diagnosis, access to the latest treatment methods and high-tech surgery, 30-40% of patients die. The world average is 50%. So there is no need to talk about victory yet. The official forecast of the World Health Organization for 2020 is 20 million cases. However, I hope that the real figure will be lower. We won back some positions. “Every decade adds a year and a half to average life expectancy. Therefore, there are more people who can get age-related cancers. “

For example, the incidence of rectal cancer is declining in the United States. This disease is still one of the most massive killers of our time, but a way has already been found to prevent it with the help of regular colonoscopy. But cancer of the stomach and lungs, unfortunately, is more common from year to year, and scientists cannot determine why. In the first place among the enemies of humanity, I would put breast cancer – a very sad statistic, and it is unclear how to influence it.

Paradoxical as it may sound, one of the reasons for the increased incidence of cancer is that we are living longer now than before. Each decade adds a year and a half to average life expectancy. Therefore, the number of people who can suffer from age-related cancers is increasing.

And what about the prevalence of cervical cancer associated with the oncological papillomavirus that you discovered?

  • In 2008, it accounted for 5% of oncology cases worldwide. Less now. He is just losing ground and, quite possibly, in the next generation, thanks to vaccination, he will be finally defeated. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reduce the incidence in a short time. Mutations in cells occur slowly. It takes 15-30 years from the moment of HPV infection to the onset of oncology. Those who are now being diagnosed with cancer may have contracted the papilloma virus back in the 1980s.

It is important to understand that papilloma is one of the most common sexually transmitted viruses. It is more common than gonorrhea, syphilis, and any other sexually transmitted disease of those that ordinary people are used to fearing. This is a very ancient virus, it is 10 million years old, most people have it, and in general, they do not even know about it. The human body has long developed internal mechanisms of protection against HPV, but if they weaken for some reason, the infected cells gradually turn into cancerous ones.

Does the vaccine avoid this?

  • The level of protection is very high, especially if the vaccination was performed before the onset of sexual activity. Under these conditions, vaccination can provide 95% protection. The main reason for the spread of HPV is that modern people often change intimate partners. Theoretically, if you imagine that there are a man and a woman in the world who have sex exclusively with each other and none of them have ever had other connections, they do not need vaccination. In fact, humanity has two ways to defeat the disease: to strictly adhere to the principle of absolute loyalty to the once chosen partner or to vaccinate children and adolescents before the first intimate contacts. It seems to me that the second is more realistic.

How long will such protection last?

  • Officially, we can only give a guarantee for 10 years. The type of virus that causes cancer was discovered just a decade ago. I myself think that a single vaccination given to someone who has not yet had sex protects at least 20 years, but in order to prove this, it is necessary to observe cancer-prone HPV strains for a longer period. In general, the longer we study the virus, the more effectively we fight it. I would draw an analogy with hepatitis B. The first generation of vaccines provided 70-80% protection, and the second more than 90%. It is quite possible that in the foreseeable future we will develop an HPV vaccine that will completely eliminate an infection.

You are fighting for the mass vaccination of HPV, and it looks like you have strong allies – the World Health Organization, all kinds of women’s social movements, international epidemiological associations, the media. Is there any hope that the virus that causes cancer will disappear altogether?

“Unfortunately, my allies make tactical mistakes. The mass media and public organizations often refer to papillomavirus vaccination as “a means of saving women.” I don’t like this kind of wording. It sounds like men don’t need this at all. It is clear that cervical cancer is a female problem, but other types of cancer that can be prevented by the HPV vaccine are much more common in men. This is a cancer of the throat and anus. The same virus, by the way, provokes several purely male types of oncology – penis cancer, for example.

In many countries, vaccination plans are developed based on the principle that girls need to be vaccinated. Epidemiologists still believe that if 80% of women get the vaccine, it will automatically protect most men. They seem to ignore the fact that there are homosexuals and bisexual men in the world who will continue to spread HPV, and epidemiologists will not be able to control this in any way. In fact, the opposite is true: if 80% of boys are vaccinated, girls need not be vaccinated.

In Germany, for example, vaccinations are very expensive. It is made exclusively on a commercial basis. But in China and Japan, there are programs for the mass vaccination of women at the expense of the budget. In Australia and the Scandinavian countries, vaccinations are compulsory in high school, and both boys and girls. This is a matter of public health policy.

Is such vaccination shown to everyone? Does it have any side effects?

  • One case per hundred thousand doses. This is one of the safest vaccinations there is. A mild allergic reaction may occur, but it is easily remedied. The very possibility of being vaccinated against cancer is already a victory. When I started to study medicine, no one associated oncology with viral infections. Later, some experts came to the conclusion that there is a link between cancer and herpes. They could not separate the cause from the effect – to understand whether herpes causes cell mutations and the development of oncology, or, conversely, an organism weakened by an oncological disease is vulnerable to herpes. I am a virologist, but I have always been interested in genetic mutations, so this mystery could not fail to attract my attention.

What riddles are you working on now?

  • In the study of cancer, we are faced with many mysteries that excite the imagination. It would seem that we have studied some of its species well, even determined their genetic codes. We know the rate at which normal cells transform into cancerous ones. We can figure out something about the conditions of these mutations, but the condition is not necessarily the cause. Why do these genetic mutations happen at all? What is the starting point? I would like to find out. Why does lymphoma develop in 7-8 years, and stomach cancer can progress within 60 years? Why do patients with a brain tumor burn out in six months, and with prostate cancer live for decades, without even knowing that they are sick?

The word “cancer” itself is associated with death by most. In fact, cardiac and neurological diseases claim more lives and leave less time for treatment. Sometimes a person is suddenly taken away so that the doctors do not have time to do anything. But these killers are easier to catch by the hand – recognize early and prevent worsening, and cancer is always a surprise.

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