Infections Therapies

Rehabilitation of patients who have had a coronavirus infection

Anyone who has had a moderate to severe “coronavirus infection” will never forget it.

This virus sweeps through the body like a storm, in most cases leaving behind a bunch of problems, in particular very badly up to 30-40% of the alveoli of the lungs are affected and take a very long time to recover, and also deeply affects the nervous system – reaching mental states such as:

  • panic attacks
  • severe headaches
  • vertigo
  • Extreme fatigue, unwillingness to work
  • partial loss of vision
  • blurred vision
  • heart pain, irregular rhythm
  • no desire to have sex
  • pain and bloating in the abdomen, pain along the arteries and veins in the extremities pain in the joints – these are similar symptoms after experiencing severe intoxication.

Patient Elena had a coronavirus infection from 02/01/21 – 15/2/21. The process was of moderate severity. She was discharged from the hospital after three negative tests. She complained of severe weakness, headaches, lack of oxygen, shortness of breath, insomnia, joint, and muscle pain. After examination, the patient was X-rayed and the lungs were 30% affected with fibrosis, inflamed nasopharynx, maxillary sinusitis, pain in eyes when slightly pressing, lower lymphocytes in the blood, disturbance of electrolyte balance, sinusitis in thermogram, strong inflammation of maxillary sinuses.

It was decided to start a recovery (rehabilitation) therapy:

  • ctreatment of foci of infection – intravenous ozone therapy, intravenous laser irradiation – to destroy the accompanying infection, intravenous vitamin therapy, intravenous administration of mineral salts and electrolytes – to restore the water-salt balance in the blood.
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation: total magnetic stimulation of cells with the apparatus “Turbotron lux”, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy;

Therapeutic physical training with a focus on breathing exercises.

Recreational therapy every day (except Sundays).

Her condition on 13/3/21 – she is feeling much better, the radiograph shows only residual effects – lower sinus of the right lung – more than 90% of lung recovered, nasal breathing restored, good sleep, free-breathing, blood count came back to normal.

There is some pain in joints and muscles, and weakness.

Continue rehabilitation for two more weeks.

If you do not do deep rehabilitation, you will have bigger health problems for the rest of your life and this will affect your health for the rest of your life.


To restore the immune system and restore the body’s vitality, we prescribe:

  • A natural ANSS supplement containing polysaccharides (alpha glucans), taken for six months, to modulate the immune system to increase the activity, number, and performance of critical components of the immune system, such as NK cells and T cells
  • Molecfer, a molecular iron supplement to stimulate the immune system’s own stem cells, taken for three months
  • Oxygen drops, taken over 6 months
  • Vitamins, mineral salts.

Recommended therapeutic exercises such as “tai chi” – with the emphasis on breathing, swimming, walks in the open-air…

To check the degree of recovery of the organism we use a specially designed test, which is conducted when the patient is admitted to us, then we do it before discharge and 6 months after discharge. According to its indicators, we calculate the percentage of the patient’s recovery.

Wish you good health!

Dr. Y.I. Nikolenko, MD, PhD

Dr Yuri Nikolenko
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