Treating Chronic Sinusitis & Its Complications

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Can Maxillary Sinusitis (chronic purulent sinusitis) & Its Complications Be Cured?

Sinusitis – is one of the meanest infectious diseases, creating a “springboard” for severe microbial infections, which often provide a prerequisite for the onset of autoimmune diseases.

Haymorrhitis most often occurs after a cold and in most cases can remain for life.

Following are some main symptoms of sinusitis:

  • Profuse nasal mucus, and sometimes water-like fluid
  • nasal congestion
  • headaches
  • weakness
  • bad breath
  • a grey-brown coating on the tongue in the morning

Conventional medical treatment: antibiotics, plus sinus irrigation…

Most patients quit treatment as soon as the fever and nasal discharge disappear and this often leads to chronic maxillary sinusitis.

Chronic maxillary sinusitis (periods of exacerbation alternate with periods of remission) in turn leads to atrophic processes in the sinuses.

Since a lot of untreated air necessary for our breathing passes through the nose – often viruses and bacteria settle on the walls of the sinuses and easily penetrate our body.

Not only that, they penetrate the bloodstream and thus affect the roots of the upper teeth, leading to chronic, hard-to-cure periodontal disease.

But the worst thing for a person is when viruses and bacteria penetrate through the lattice bone or are carried with the bloodstream into the cranial cavity. This is when encephalitis (inflammation of the meninges) begins to develop.

The causative viruses can be different:

  • Epstein-Bar
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • bacterial infections
  • and even Herpes Zoster

Gradually, `some other conditions can come as well such a chronic fatigue syndrome with the following symptoms:

  • severe weakness
  • headaches
  • increased sleepiness
  • nervousness
  • depression, etc.

Then, a disproportionate immune response (the blood-brain barrier) results in the birth of autoimmune diseases such as neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, various myopathies, Alzheimer’s disease, and even Ley syndrome (subacute necrotizing encephalomyopathy).

This is the worst thing when the body starts to fight the inflammatory process, releases a huge amount of antibodies, but instead of a positive result, you get a negative result because these antibodies start hitting healthy cells, causing and increasing damage to the brain, nerves, muscles, cartilage.
This process most often increases and sometimes leads to disability and even death. This process most often goes with the increase and sometimes leads to disability and even death of the person.
So treat maxillary sinusitis! It will save your health, and maybe even your life!

Anatomically the human skull has 5 sinuses (sinuses). As a result of an untreated cold, or injury, or other pathogenic processes in the sinuses is gradually festering mucous membranes. Headache, weakness, depression occurs as a consequence of intoxication (the veins between the sinuses and the brain have no valves).

Symptoms progress:

  • “leaking” from the nose
  • constant breath odor

Antibiotics are not always effective because the situation may require long-term treatment, and antibiotics cannot be taken for a long time.

And also:

  • we must not forget that healthy mucous membranes in the maxillary sinuses (sinuses) are a very strong barrier against germs and viruses and these five sinuses, are very important for maintaining human health
  • but if the disease wins, the maxillary sinuses become a source of “infection” and very difficult to cure, due to the difficult access to the mucous membranes.
We have managed to create an alternative treatment: we gathered several kinds of functional treatment, which do not contradict each other, into one efficient protocol and use it to cure disease. In the vast majority of cases, the disease recedes completely.

What kind of protocol is this?

  • Intravenous injection of ozone (ozone therapy) plus cavity lavage with ozonized water – gives good results
  • 10Pass – which, in addition to destroying viruses and germs, also cleanses the blood
  • Intravenous laser blood therapy
  • Ultraviolet light therapy – a strong immune booster

Preventive measures have to be taken in the course of the first year after the completion of active treatment:

  • Protect yourself from colds and preferably from dust
  • Take immune-suppressive drugs and natural immunomodulators
Prophylaxis: ozone therapy – at least once or twice a month, intravenous vitamin therapy, inhalations, ultraviolet light therapy.

If you have a cold, you can take antibiotics to prevent the return of the initial state. In order, to reduce their side effects to take at least probiotics and polysaccharides (alpha or beta-glucans derived from medicinal mushrooms).

The immune system is boosted by long-term intake of nano-iron (molecular iron) like Molecfer, polysaccharides (alpha or bets-glucans) such as AHCC, natural vitamin extracts, etc.

You should be sure to clean plaque from your nose, mouth, and tongue during and after the treatment.

This will help keep you from further spreading the infection.

It is necessary to take precautions at all times:

  • do not overcook yourself
  • do not drink or eat cold things
  • wear a mask during cold epidemics.
Observations: if you have had maxillary sinusitis for many years, very often we find in the brain of patients very dangerous viruses, which subsequently lead to other serious illnesses.
Conclusion: treat maxillary sinusitis in time, it will save you from severe chronic infections and gradual poisoning of your brain by viruses.

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