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Treatment of viral encephalitis after a tick bite (meningoencephalitis)

Unlike the causative agent of Lyme disease – bacterium borrelia, tick-borne encephalitis (a neuroinfectious disease with inflammation of grey matter and brain membranes) is caused by a tick bite that brings the virus into the body.

In any case, blood contamination by both pathogens leads to very complicated consequences. We see these difficult patients every day.

We also often have patients who come to us with Lyme disease, diagnosed by clinical signs (symptoms), but at the same time, the laboratory tests do not confirm it.

So what is the problem?

The answer is very simple, most often in both cases the causative agent is the same – the virus, that is tick-borne viral encephalitis. Viral encephalitis has clinical signs very much like Lyme disease.

We encounter such a virus all the time.

The treatment of such a virus has some peculiarities, but we successfully eradicate it as Nikolenko Clinic has been treating it successfully for over 25 years.

In September 2019 Ralph came to Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus. His occupation is a geologist and Ralph works mostly outdoors (mountains, forests, etc.).

In July 2019, Ralph was bitten by a tick in the neck area. After the bite, erythema (circular redness) often appears on the skin characteristic of borreliosis (Lyme disease), but the erythema did not appear and Ralph was at first relieved.

About twenty days passed and Ralph began to feel severe weakness, a headache that first disappeared and then reappeared with renewed vigor, felt pain in the back of the head, and there was an enlargement in lymph nodes in the neck and back of the head area.

Based on the above complaints and anamnesis, we diagnosed tick-borne viral encephalitis.

The planned treatment was carried out and the patient went to Norway after four weeks in a satisfactory condition (of all the symptoms listed earlier, only a slight weakness remained).

In order to recover the immune system weakened by the disease and the virus Lyme and Lyme-like disease patients take regularly AHCC supplement (Activated Hexose Correlated Compound) which is recognized as a key part of evidence-based nutritional immunotherapy from Japan and contains natural polysaccharides, alpha- and beta-glucans that stimulates an increase in the number of vital immune cells such as NK and T-cells.

Ralph is now working full-time at his previous location.

The disease has a strong prevalence in endemic areas, i.e., areas inhabited by ticks.

The endemic zone is the forest-steppe area of the world (where ticks live) in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Sweeden, etc. Such areas are all over Russia from Vladivostok to Belorussia.

The tick, when bitten, injects with its saliva the RNA virus – Flavivirus.

Most often the disease occurs in the warm season when the tick becomes active. When a tick bites, the virus affects the human central and peripheral nervous system.

The incubation period when bitten is 7-21 days, and when ingested with food, then from 4 to 7 days only.

Symptoms of the disease as a biphasic fever.

The first phase lasts two to four days:

  • fever
  • malaise
  • weight loss and muscle pain
  • headache
  • nausea, vomiting.

After the first phase, there is an eight-day remission. After it, 30% begin the second phase – the phase of central nervous system damage and symptoms of the disease include:

  • a body temperature of 38-39 degrees celsius
  • severe headaches
  • insomnia
  • nausea

Then begins the lesion of the nervous system.

And how do you know that this is not the usual flu condition?

You have to take a test. The virus can be detected in the bloodstream and cerebrospinal fluid.
Tick-borne encephalitis, is a very dangerous disease, often leading to disability and even death of the patient. And the most important thing is that drug treatment is most effective only in the first months of the disease.

Most often we are approached only after several years, as attempts are made to treat with medication according to accepted schemes with the hope of success and precious time is lost.

The body and the immune system are weakened, both by the existing viruses and by the side effects of medications.

In such cases, the active stage of our treatment can last from one to several months, and then quite a long period of rehabilitation, and recovery of all organs, and body systems.

Further, a short description of our protocol of treatment, which has been perfected during twenty-five years of our clinical practice, exactly in terms of neuroinflammation.

You may be surprised, but the ozontherapy plays a key role:

Intravenous laser is a treatment of the blood flow with a special ultraviolet device that penetrates up to four centimeters deep into the body.

Treatment is carried out in parallel with the Turbotron. The Turbotron is a device for general magnetotherapy since in this case, we are dealing with a total affection of the nervous system.

At the same time, the intestines are detoxified by hydrocolonotherapy, with the introduction of probiotics and oxygen.

We clean the skin from toxins with the ozone sauna.

We supplement treatment with gradual restoration of the immune system, using, as described above, the supplement with natural alpha-glucans AHCC. For all our patients we offer special antioxidant alkaline water for drinking (Kangen water, Japan) with pH from 8.0 to 9.5 (in Japan over one million people’s life span is more than 100 years old).

For the fastest recovery and appearance of more new cells (replacing the old ones destroyed by the virus), we use the molecular iron-based supplement Molecfer. Molecfer is unique in that iron has a very extremely small molecular size and one tablet contains about 8 trillion iron molecules.

Molecfer stimulates the body’s own stem cells. As a result of such a complex treatment, it is often possible to preserve the patient’s ability to work and not let him fall into the category of invalids, as is often the case with such a complex disease.

To restore motor functions we conduct procedures in the rehabilitation department:

  • to restore the gait, a special electronic hardware-software complex is used, which restores the synchronization of all the muscles of the legs
  • to diagnose the depth of damage of motor functions in the hands and the subsequent recovery, we use the Anika software/hardware solution (electronic multifunctional glove);
  • a special variety of rehabilitation equipment and well-trained physiotherapists under the supervision of Dr. Nikoletta Nikolenko, Ph.D., who test the depth of recovery of the patient’s organism with a special system developed by us, and help manage the recovery process

After discharge patients are tested for the presence of the virus in the blood. Usually, the tests confirm that there is no longer any virus. In this way, we prove the effectiveness of our work. If tests are positive we keep doing therapies until the final virus absence results.

Well-tested treatment plans that have been developed over the years and our unique equipment make it possible for us to work until “clean tests” are performed.

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Dr. Yuri Nikolenko, MD, Ph.D

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