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What is a virus? Virus – means poison in Latin

Viruses are RNA and DNA containing. RNA – the virus is flu, HPV, HIV, AIDS. DNA virus – hepatitis B, chickenpox, herpes zoster. This is an invisible and dangerous enemy, the incubation period is often asymptomatic and the first symptoms literally begin like a storm. And then everything happens according to the classical scheme or in another way. According to the classic: colds viruses almost always work in cycles; 2-3 weeks and the person recovers. According to a non-classical scheme, it goes differently.

But how does it penetrate into us?

There are several ways:

  • The first way: by airborne droplets while breathing in the air infected with viruses.
  • The second route is the transmission of the virus through the placenta from mother to fetus.
  • The third way is transmitted through intercourse.
  • The fourth way: with medical manipulations/
  • Fifth way: with food and water. Once in our body, the virus looks for a weakened cell and settles in it. In this case, the cell has several options:
    explode from the waste products of the virus;

Become a dormant collector for the virus that slowly destroys the body’s immunity. When it survives, it integrates into the genome of the cell, and at some stage, the cell may mutate and transform it into a malignant cancer cell.

These are exactly the viruses that we treat in the clinic. They may well hide under the guise of mild indisposition. These are viruses such as Epstein-Barr virus, cytomegalovirus, HPV, herpes zoster, B1, B2, hepatitis A, B, C, Encephalitis virus.

Cytomegalovirus is transmitted by any means, 10-15% of all people are infected with it and proceeds like mononucleosis, it can cause inflammation in the central and peripheral nervous system, internal organs.

Cytomegalovirus, for example, has the 2nd highest mortality rate after influenza.

Almost all viruses from this “command” can lead to dire consequences, up to malignant tumors.

The Epstein-Bara virus is very dangerous, it often occurs in a chronic form. It breaks the immune system and in 10-15% of cases is the cause of lymphoproliferative and oncological diseases, anemia, damage to the respiratory system, Raynaud’s syndrome.

Herpes Zoster is one of the most painful viruses – sometimes, in order to stop the pain, you have to inject very serious pain medications, woe to those who fall ill with a chronic form – with damage to the face, eyes, scalp. This virus can give everything up to myelitis.

In our clinic in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, severe forms of chronic fatigue syndrome, autoimmune diseases, we almost always find these viruses, and sometimes two or three in one patient.

Hence, we can assume that they have a very destructive effect on the cells of our body and this leads to many diseases being their “starters”.

We must not forget about the billions of other known and unknown viruses, which at any time can mutate and produce monsters like the Spanish flu of the last century (in 1917, more than 100 million people died from the “Spanish flu”).

Any work on the production of “combat” viruses must be stopped immediately.

Even if a weak “ineffective” virus enters the common environment and begins to mutate, the consequences cannot be calculated.

In nature, everything has long been living in a certain harmony and if we disturb the balance, we can simply perish.

Look at the harm caused by “COVID-19”, do we still not understand this?

Japanese virologists claim that it is artificial … Well, how can we treat all this? Every single day we listen to treatment regimens and every day we see them fail. Until now, there is no exact list of drugs that destroy this virus, everyone is waiting for the vaccine while losing people and burying the economic well-being of the living.

In our clinic, we have learned how to destroy viruses using ozone.

This is a fast, easily accessible, and inexpensive method of treatment, and most importantly, it is very effective and has no side effects.

Moreover, almost every country has ozone therapy clinics or individual doctors. The equipment is manufactured in many countries (Germany, Russia, Ukraine, China, Italy, USA).

It has been in operation for at least 70 years.

I have never heard that someone said about it from the TV screen.

I ask all colleagues involved in ozone therapy to support me and try to make politicians hear us and finally put this treatment on the report card for the treatment of serious diseases.

Be healthy!

Yours Doctor Yuri Nikolenko, MD, PhD

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