Why We Need Ozone Therapy?

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What is Ozone Therapy and why do we need it?

Ozone can have benefits for a variety of conditions. There are 5 main benefits:

  • Ozone can help improve or modulate the immune system. When the immune system is weak the person is more likely to become sick. The ozone doctors stipulate that anyone who is ill is guaranteed to have a weak immune system. Ozone is able to improve the function of the immune system by essentially waking it up.
  • Ozone provides more oxygen to cells and tissues. The cells can not live without oxygen.
  • Ozone allows more efficient energy production by increasing cellular energy. This process is known as ATP production. Ozone can help improve this so more energy is made from the oxygen you take in.
  • Ozone can kill viruses and bacteria and lessens the virus’s ability to latch onto a cell. Bad bacteria and viruses can cause disease. If viruses are dead or can not lock onto cells, they cannot cause illness. Since viruses and bacteria do not have the same antioxidant coating as other cells ozone can selectively eliminate viruses and bacteria that cause disease.
  • Ozone reduces oxidation levels in the body. Ozone can help reduce over-oxidation giving the body a better chance to improve.

Please apply to Medinstitute-Nikolenko Clinic in Cyprus or directly to Doctor Yuri Nikolenko with conditions backed by bad bacteria and viruses like herpes, cytomegalovirus, Epstein Barr virus, herpes zoster, etc. The clinic has been treating patients successfully from all over the globe for more than 33 years. Doctor Yuri Nikolenko can help with conditions such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, post-Covid or long-term Covid Syndrome, Lyme disease, cirrhosis and liver diseases, autoimmune diseases, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular diseases, diabetic angiopathy, gangrene, heavy metals detox, recovery after chemotherapy, adjuvant cancer treatment, evidence-based nutritional immunotherapy (AHCC), intestinal diseases, diseases with unknown etiology and many more. Please visit the Nikolenko Clinic web page here.

There is a big variety of therapies used by Doctor Yuri Nikolenko which are mainly based on Ozone Oxygen High Dose Therapy (OHT) such as ozone IV (intravenous ozone infusion), ten-pass (multi-pass) ozone (Hyper Medozon therapy), ozone insufflations, subcutaneous ozone therapy, vaginal insufflation, rectal ozone therapy, intra-joints therapy, body external ozone therapy (ozone sauna). Please get in touch with Doctor Yuri Nikolenko to discuss your symptoms

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